Vancouver City Councillor

Proven Leadership



Lisa Dominato is a strategic leader with 20 years’ experience in government administration, public policy, communications and stakeholder relations. She is currently a public relations consultant, specializing in building social license for projects aimed at delivering benefits to the public.

Elected to the Vancouver School Board in 2017, Lisa is passionate about public service and is a strong mental health and housing advocate. Lisa served the past six years on Vancouver’s Kettle Society Board, which delivers local mental health and housing services, and recently concluded her term as Chair. She is also a Board Director of the National Institute of Families for Child and Youth Mental Health (FamilySmart™).

Lisa has served as a public servant in several senior management positions with the Government of British Columbia, specializing in social policy. She is also former Chief of Staff to the Deputy Premier and Minister of Education as well as political advisor to the Minister of Management Services. Lisa is known for her collaborative and pragmatic approach to tackling complex issues and building strong relationships to achieve common goals.


“Lisa Dominato has proved herself in government. Her term at the Vancouver School Board was marked by her ability to collaborate and produce great results for the children of Vancouver. She also contributed positively to the Province in various positions. Highly educated, well liked and well informed, she is committed to both mental health and housing solutions in the City, as demonstrated by her inspiring work with the Kettle Society. Lisa believes that arts and cultural opportunities should be available to everyone. I really enjoyed working with her and I know that she is a terrific candidate for Vancouver City Council.”

Elizabeth Ball, Vancouver City Councillor

“In her term on the Vancouver School Board, Lisa has proven she can drive change. Vancouver needs progressive, pragmatic leaders like Lisa. She has a track record of working collaboratively across party lines to focus on what is in the best interest of citizens.”

George Affleck, Vancouver City Councillor

“As a Board Director and then Chair of the Kettle Society, Lisa has proven to be a thoughtful and respected leader. She always takes the time to listen, understand and empathize with the people she represents in order to formulate realistic, practical steps to create positive change. Strong on issues, consensus building, and integrity, Lisa would be an outstanding City Councillor.”

Brenda Lea Brown, Past Chair, The Kettle Society

“In all my dealings with Lisa she has been polite, professional, well-informed, passionate about her causes and above all kind. She would be a terrific asset to the City of Vancouver as a City councillor.”

Peter Wilken, Vancouver Business Owner

“Lisa is one of the most pragmatic people I know - taking that approach in everything she does. She has first-hand experience in government and is a deeply committed individual which is apparent in all aspects of her personal, professional and public life. Lisa is thoughtful and compassionate. She listens to, engages with and advocates for all people. I trust her judgment and wisdom and know that other council members would as well."

Steph Troughton, Vancouver Resident

"I know of Lisa's hard work and commitment on so many issues, particularly in mental health and housing.  Her voice of advocacy has always advanced both compassion and well-considered solutions to two of the most significant challenges facing us today."

Richard Stewart, Mayor of Coquitlam

"Lisa Dominato is proficient in public policy and understands how to drive change within a complex system. Her strengths lie in her ability to listen and engage meaningfully and deliver pragmatic solutions."

James Gorman, Former Deputy Minister Education, Advanced Education, BC Public Service Agency and current Vice President, West Fraser.