B.C.’s high-school curriculum and education: Need. More. Mental. Health.

“Teens stand in a line, poised and ready to run. Their partners sit cross-legged on the grass nearby with pencils and marking sheets in hand, ready to jot down the runners’ times the next six times they pass them.

This is the third time this school year the students will be participating in this activity—a timed six laps around the running track—as part of their fitness and physical-health evaluation.”

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Lisa Dominato: Putting students first through positive leadership and collaboration

“Last year my daughter began kindergarten in Vancouver. While she was naturally nervous and excited about her first day, I was equally nervous and excited since I had not stepped foot in an elementary school in many years. I was incredibly impressed at the professionalism and skill of her kindergarten teacher, the principal, and other staff who were there to support her. I was also impressed by the level of parent engagement at the school and the sense of community.”

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